Classroom connection reappears in distance learning

Transition comes with engaging results


Aisha Hersi

Through the screen of my computer, I could see the bubbling excitement on my teachers’ faces as they welcomed students back to hybrid learning on Feb. 22. Their enthusiastic moods radiated onto me, giving me a boost of energy in the morning to fix my composure and start my day ready to learn. 

Staying in distance learning was a decision I made to ensure the health and safety of both my family and myself. Although this decision means I have to stay in cohort C until the end of the year,  I am okay with that because there are now more large group discussions, easier one-on-one meetings, and more lively classes. 

There was a rise in large group discussions in my class because more Hybrid students were engaging in the discussions. This really helped with my classes that have lectures as they were now engaging and beneficial. That small, yet drastic change profoundly reflected on my learning. 

The first few days of logging onto Zoom with the majority of the class in-person felt like an experiment. Even my teachers felt a bit hesitant to try out new learning methods. But these days, I noticed a change. More of the class was participating in discussions and we were getting through our lessons faster. 

Even though a lot has changed, there is still a sense of normality within my learning. The only problems I’ve faced these past two weeks were mere tech issues, ones that have been resolved with a quick email. 

Something that has not changed is the Oriole Study Nest. If I am ever struggling or just looking for a place to quietly work, I’ll always have the option to attend the Oriole Study Nest. On Wednesdays, students of Cohort C are allowed to come into school. I have not attended the Study Nest so far, but will be looking out for it in the future. Overall, my experience in distance learning these past few weeks has been all but dull.