Senior interns at Seeds Feeds

COVID-19 affects local business


Laniyah Thornton

Senior Audrey Long, an intern at Seeds Feeds, a non-profit organization that grows fresh food and educates the community, said due to COVID-19, her job has changed a bit and she is now working in a safer manner. 

“During the summer we were able to social distance, gardening and growing stuff is really nice because you can do it outside,” Long said. “The really big change is that we’re not doing as many education things with kids and we’re not having big social gatherings.” 

Senior and co-worker Liz Hodges, Hodges said they have gotten to spend lots of time with Long and see how she is in the workspace.

Even though she is thankful for being able to continue to work during these times, COVID-19 has created changes that have made her job harder. 

“They’re big parts of my job that revolve around education and engaging kids, and that’s always a lot harder over social distancing and there’s less variety and activities that you’re able to do,” Long said.

Hodges said Long’s attitude has remained persevered although their jobs have changed.

“Her attitude has been very positive though she, as everyone else, has been affected,” Hodges said.

Even though COVID-19 has brought some challenges to Long, she still has an optimistic mindset and finds the positive in the negative.

“It’s also a good opportunity for me to learn things. I got pretty good at making videos for educational purposes, which is kind of fun to do,” Long said.

For more information about Seeds Feeds visit their website, Instagram or YouTube.