New teacher charms the school

Ms. Ross fits easily into Park community

Cece Jensen

After working at the middle school for two years, health teacher Kayla Ross said she has decided to take her career in an exciting new direction. 

Ross is now working her first year as a high school teacher at Park. According to Ross, she is excited about the new position but even more excited about meeting students. 

“I love health content, but the students are what make the class,” Ross said. “They help me more than I probably help them.”

According to teacher Allison Luskey, Ross is a great fit at the high school and is well respected. 

“She always has a willingness to learn and she’s a great teammate,” Luskey said. “If she doesn’t know something, she will ask questions and I respect that about her.”

According to sophomore Abigail Oppegaard, Ross creates a warm and welcoming environment in her classroom.

“I really like Ms. Ross. Health is one of my favorite classes — not because of the academics but just because it feels like a welcoming environment,” Oppegaard said. “She actually cares about her students.”

Ross said that she has goals set for the future and hopes to advance her career in the direction of athletics.

“I would love to be an athletic director or something of that sort,” Ross said. “But I think I’ll stay with classroom teaching for the next few years for sure.”

According to Luskey, Ross has completed the transition from being a middle school teacher to being a high school teacher quite well. 

“She jumped right into that transition from middle school to high school,” Luskey said. “She knows the vibe that we have here and she’s well liked by students and staff alike.”

According to Oppegaard, when a student is having a bad day, Ross makes sure that her students know that she cares about them and that she can help. 

“I was having a rough time in class the other day and she came out and talked to me,” said Oppegaard. “She made sure I knew that she was there for me — which I really appreciated.” 

Ross said that despite the challenges that come with teaching, her students are what make the job fun.

“I just want to say that I love my kiddos a lot,” said Ross. “Teaching is hard, and the part that makes my job so great is the students, so I’m very grateful for that.”