A new path to more math

Orioles’ Nest introduces math tutor


Ena Mekic

Mr. Aaron helps freshman Owen Hollinger with his geometry homework. Mr. Aaron works as a math tutor and helps students with various levels of math.

Noah Leventhal

In order to combat frustrations that students face in their math and science classes, Park recently hired a new math and science tutor for the Orioles’ Nest: Aaron Peterson.

Peterson said he specializes in physics, chemistry and biology, because these kinds of classes can be hard for some students to grasp.

“Math and science — it’s weird with some people, and that’s just a normal part of the human population,” Peterson said. “I’m here to give that extra help for anybody who needs a little extra help outside of the classroom.” 

According to junior Jacob Ignatowicz, students will just come in if they need help since it’s a great environment to work in.

“People will kind of come in and out if they need help, or if they just need a quiet place to work,” Ignatowicz said. “It’s a supportive environment to facilitate learning and teach people in a peer-oriented environment.”

According to Peterson, the task of tutoring is a rewarding job because he enjoys watching students finally understand the problems they’ve been stuck on. 

“When students get it, we do a bunch of problems, and then you can finally see that it clicks,” Peterson said. “That’s probably my favorite part. I really enjoy when students bring me some really, really difficult problems — those are the most fun.”

Sophomore Ami Davis said the tutors in the Orioles’ Nest have been a great help to improve students’ understanding of the subject matter.

“The tutors at the Orioles Nest are super chill,” Davis said. “They don’t judge you if you don’t understand something right away, and they’re patient and willing to explain things as many times as you need. It’s just a really relaxed and supportive atmosphere.”

Peterson said, in regards to shaping the future, scientific literacy is a large and important skill for students to know. 

“People’s ability to harness and use technology is going to be a much bigger determiner for who has the power, who has the money in society,” Peterson said. “I really would like to see a future where everybody’s a little bit more scientifically literate, and I’m just here to do my part to make that future happen.”

The Orioles’ Nest can be found in room A202, and signups are available on Student Support Time.