Senior spends summer at Paisley Park

Joseph Holloway works as part time DJ and Ecology Associate at Paisley Park


Culver Carden

Senior and rising DJ Joe Holloway practices the mix he uses for his position at Paisley Park. Joe has been a DJ at Paisley Park since November.

Avia Kaner-Roth, writer

Senior Joseph Holloway said he was very lucky to have the opportunity to be a part time DJ and Ecology worker at Paisley Park because it is such a private and prestigious institution.

“The only way to get hired at Paisley Park is to have a personal connection,” Holloway said. “My mom used to work for Prince back in the day, and once Paisley Park opened as a museum, she was hired, and […] referenced me,” Holloway said.

Holloway said because of his contract with the organization, he cannot disclose certain information about his job at Paisley Park.

“Paisley Park is a very private place, and that’s how Prince was,” Holloway said. “(Because of)  the contract that I signed, I’m not allowed to talk about what I’ve seen and what I’m able to clean while I’ve been there.”

Holloway described his position at Paisley Park as primarily cleaning and upkeep of Prince’s home and workspace.

“My main role at Paisley Park is ecology, which is essentially cleaning and upkeep. Paisley Park was not only a recording studio, but (Prince’s) house as well, and I’m taking care of his house, mostly by cleaning the various things he owned,” Holloway said.

Bethany Maria Holloway, who worked for Prince in the mid 90’s, along with being a current employee at Paisley Park, said she was overjoyed to be working alongside her son, and reminisced about her time working for Prince.

“Joe working at Paisley Park has been an unexpected and magical. He has and continues to be so inspired by the man that meant so much to millions as well as me,” Bethany Holloway said.

“I myself knew and worked for Prince in the mid 90’s and absolutely thought that was a special time in my history that was a once in a lifetime experience and now after his passing the fact that I was able to return there along with my son has been simply beautiful.”

Holloway’s Supervisor and Ecology Manager, Mocha Johnson, spoke on Holloway’s summer at Paisley Park with fondness and respect.

“(Joe) demonstrated respect for Paisley by creating a clean and inviting atmosphere for hundreds of patrons from all over the world. Always kind and professional,” Johnson said.

Johnson also spoke on Prince’s focus on free, creative environments, and Holloway’s growth as an artist.

“(Prince) always appreciated a healthy holistic environment, and knew it was important for being musically creative and free. Joe learned this and it helped him grow as a musical artist.  Prince always wanted the youth to take heed to what it takes to keep real music alive. Joe received this by being in the Paisley  atmosphere and paying attention to his surroundings,” Johnson said.