Teacher acquires new vintage store

European vintage merchandise style creates unique feel

World history teacher Susan Blankenship sits proudly behind the register as she takes in her vintage store Victory.

Blankenship said she always wanted to own an antique store.

“Me and my best friend went to one sale at Victory, which has been there for about 13 years. We started talking to the owner, who I had known before, who said she was ready to be done,” Blankenship said. “We started talking about either working with her or taking over and buying the business. Over a two-month period, it just worked out that we bought the business from her.”

Sophomore and student of Blankenship Luke Mobley said he thinks owning a store shows responsibility.

“I think this displays that she has an internal drive and is good at managing time,” Mobley said. “She seems to be a very caring person toward both her students and the store.”

Blankenship said she enjoys selling items at Victory, although the time equates to a full-time job. “It is a lot of time, but it doesn’t seem like it because I love it,” Blankenship said. “I am sitting at the store with my best friend, which makes it feel like a home away from home.”

Unique antiques on display at Victory Vintage owned by SLPHS teacher Susan Blankenship
Peter Sherno
Unique antiques on display at Victory Vintage owned by SLPHS teacher Susan Blankenship

According to Blankenship, the store specializes in both antique and new items.

“The previous owner had newer interior design stuff, so we have about 50 percent new and 50 percent vintage. It’s a mix of new and old. There are one of a kind items that you can’t find anywhere else,” she said. “We have a lot of vintage holiday and new holiday stuff right now for Christmas.”

According to Mobley, students should respect Blankenship as a store owner and teacher.

“I think that if someone else has a passion or interest, you should acknowledge that,” Mobley said. “I wish her good luck with her store.”

Blankenship said the layout and design makes the store memorable.

“I think opening that door
and even from the outside the storefront looks like one you might see in Paris. We have a huge 12-foot, old bookcase that we set up how you might see it in your home,” Blankenship said.

Victory can be found at 3505 W. 44th St. in Minneapolis.