All-Conference provides learning experiences

Event challenges attendees


Grace Farley

Seniors Claudia Stone, Lexi Lee and Cecilia Brown play in the pep band during Park’s homecoming game Sep. 21. Lee participated alongside her peers at the Metro West All-Conference band.

This year at All-Conference, schools selected students from band, orchestra and choir to prepare a concert in one day, according to the St. Louis Park High School 6425 News.

Guest conductor Kyle Fleming said he enjoys seeing students discover their full musical potential.

“There are fantastic students that bring passion, life and energy who want to do great things,” Fleming said. “Watching them discover their gifts and engage the music to make great art that hopefully changes people’s lives around them is an ‘A+’ all day long for me.”

Senior Estelle Tronson said she liked the ability to get to know different students.

“I like being able to meet kids from other schools that are interested in the same things as me and have the same love of music,” Tronson said.

Junior Mitchell VonEschen said he appreciates the opportunity to play percussion with other talented students and directors.

“It’s fun to get to play some really cool songs and getting the opportunity to play music all day,” VonEschen said.

VonEschen said his favorite song the band played was “Mother Earth.” He said he enjoyed the difficulty and depth the song presented.

“All the songs had their own unique qualities which I could appreciate in their own way,” VonEschen said. “But I did really like ‘Mother Earth,’ it was very interesting and also challenging for me and everyone in the band.”

Senior clarinetist Lexi Lee said although she would adjust minor aspects of the day, she had a great experience overall interacting and collaborating with other musicians.

“I would change the song ‘Mother Earth,'” Lee said. “I didn’t really like it as it was a little odd.”

Lee said she was particularly moved when playing a song called “American Elegy.”

“The song is about the Columbine school shooting in 1999 written by Frank Tekelly to commemorate it,” Lee said. “The song is just a really emotional piece, and I can’t get through it without getting teary-eyed.”