Battle of Bands hosted in new location

Performances at the Nest successful


Sophie Livingston

Seniors Ben Klepfer and Andreina Rodriguez perform at the Battle of the Bands Sno Daze event hosted at the Nest Feb. 21.

Yonit Krebs

Senior Andreina Rodriguez, who performed with senior Ben Klepfer at the Battle of the Bands event hosted by the Nest, said despite her initial apprehensions, their performance was successful.

“I was really nervous, and I thought there was going to be less people but there was a lot and they were all standing up and recording so I was like, ‘okay, don’t mess this up.’ But I didn’t, and I think Ben and I did a pretty good job also,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez and Klepfer’s performance was followed by senior David Bryant, with freshman Anna Overall performing third.

Rodriguez said she was approached by a Student Council member to perform at last tonight’s event.

“Cailey (Hansen-Mahoney) was the one that brought up the Battle of the Bands, and she had the idea of me performing and maybe collaborating or doing a duet with Ben Klepfer,” Rodriguez said. “I DM’d him about it and he was down, and we decided to sing ‘Almost Is Never Enough’ by Ariana Grande.”

According to Student Council adviser Sarah Lindenberg, Student Council historically has always had difficulties drumming up support for the Battle of the Bands event.

“Just to give a little bit of perspective, the past couple years we’ve actually had to cancel the event or have minimized it quite a bit or just not really figured out what to do with it because just a lack of school bands and people wanting to participate,” Lindenberg said.

Lindenberg said the effort on the part of Student Council members to find acts and the change in location yielded success.

“Student Council members worked hard to ask around different student musicians to see if they’d be interested in doing it,” Lindenberg said. “So we were happy to see the turnout of three different musical acts willing to perform and to partner with the Nest and have it off campus and have it more in a coffee shop type of setting than just having it in the cafeteria so I’m very pleased with how the event turned out.”

According to Student Council co-president, senior Alexis Machoka, while all the musicians performed well, freshman Anna Overall’s act stuck out to her the most.

“She was really good, and I don’t think I’ve ever really seen her before anything so it’s really nice to see her,” Machoka said. “She’s a freshman. To me that is just 10 times better because that would take a lot of guts to be able to come out and perform so well. Big props to her, all these other people are upperclassmen and perform all the time.”

Machoka said since the event was hosted at the Nest, it provided the relatively new organization some publicity.

“I think it’s been even more successful for the Nest because a lot of people who hadn’t been here before came tonight and now they know where it is and I’m sure once they saw how cute it was still be back again,” Machoka said.

According to Machoka, as a part of Sno Daze week, there will be skating and sledding at 7 p.m. Friday at Oak Hill Park as well as the Sno Daze dance at 8 p.m. on Saturday at the Middle School Cafeteria.