Softball players prepare for travel

Spring break trip to Kansas focuses on practice, team development


Softball senior captain Anya Lindell Paulson speaks with junior Annabelle Schutte at practice March 21. The team is practicing for its spring break trip to Kansas.


enior captain Anya Lindell Paulson feels excited for spring break because of the softball team’s upcoming trip to Kansas.

According to Lindell Paulson, 21 players and two coaches will attend the trip in Overland Park, Kansas. The team will also stay a night in Columbia, Missouri to watch the Missouri-Alabama game.

Lindell Paulson said she looks forward to seeing the team’s improvement during the trip.

“We are going to be practicing for three days in a dome we have blocked off in sets of three hours each day, so six hours per day,” Lindell Paulson said. “It will really help us improve and work together, and having that time to practice will really be beneficial.”

Sophomore Anya Morrison said she expects challenging, yet rewarding work on the trip.

“We’re going to put in a lot of work and the results will (be) interesting,” Morrison said. “Some people are a little nervous, but most of us are excited.”

Lindell Paulson said she thinks the mental benefits of the trip come from team bonding and trust in other players.

“I think what’s good about the trip is that we’re going to really be together as a team,” Lindell Paulson said. “That’s just going to be really helpful for us to get closer as a team to be able to trust each other more on and off the field.”

Softball coach Bobby Crumpton said he thinks teamwork is beneficial for the team.

“Softball has always been making your teammates work harder, to me that’s what teamwork is — pushing everybody around you to work harder,” Crumpton said.