Girls’ golf begins practices

Coaches, players work to create team atmosphere


Ethan Meisler

Junior Lily Rostal practices her short game at the Brooklyn Park Golf & Sports Center. Girls’ golf had its first practice March 18 and will have its first match at 3:00 p.m. April 8 at Bluff Creek Golf Course.

After practicing indoors since March 18, sophomore girls’ golf player Maia Seidel said the team has been able to bond with each other and the coaches.

“In the first few practices, we’ve gotten to know each other really well,” Maia Seidel said. “Especially the newer girls I’ve gotten to know, and I think we’re starting to bond more, and we’re also getting to know the coaches and their coaching styles.”

According to coach Stacy Seidel, the team has been doing well in practice, and she hopes they continue the teamwork throughout the season.

“(The players have) been great. The team seems to be hitting the ball really well, and there’s a great sense of comradery between the girls,” Stacy Seidel said.

Senior captain Rachel Salzer said despite the size of the team, she hopes they will continue to connect with each other and grow together.

“The team is significantly smaller (than last year). I think our final count as of (March 20) was nine girls,” Salzer said. “So the overall feel is different, but it is just the start of the season and, team bonding coming in the future will definitely help to strengthen our new team.”

Although the indoor golf dome does provide a space for the team to practice, Stacy Seidel said the team has to work around the limitation of not having a place for short game.

“The dome is great to be able to give us an avenue for us to go out and swing the club. It just doesn’t have the putting facilities and the chipping facilities, but we’ve worked to create those chipping moments and challenges on the driving range,” Stacy Seidel said.

According to Salzer, she has worked toward being a leader by helping the team and showing the new golfers around.

“I came out strong personally, and I think I was doing a good job of being a good role model for everyone — showing them good swings, demonstrating the basics, having dome etiquette, practicing taking turns, encouraging other people and giving helpful tips to those who needed it,” Salzer said.

Stacy Seidel said the team has focused on familiarizing itself with each individual’s style and ability.

“I think the first couple practices have been to get to know each other and make sure everybody is feeling comfortable with each other,” Stacy Seidel said. “It’s just about learning each person’s swing, getting to know each other and encouragement.”

According to Salzer, the team has improvements to make, but is also strong in many areas

“The first day we were introduced to a third coach, and we went over the grips and stances, and we spent the whole time at the driving range hitting golf balls,” Salzer said. “Obviously it’s just the first few practices of the season so there is a lot that we have to work on, and there is a lot that is already strong for a lot of our returning players.”

Maia Seidel said she appreciates the more one-on-one nature of the coaching this year.

“The first few practices have been different than previous years because we’ve done games, and I feel like since there are less girls on the team, it feels more personal with the coaches,” Maia Seidel said. “It feels like they’re trying to get to know us, and they’re helping each of us improve.”

According to, girls’ golf will have its first match 3 p.m. April 8 at Bluff Creek Golf Course.