Get loud or get out

Student section sees mixed reviews


Cole Taylor

Park students cheer after a big stop on defense during the football game against Two Rivers Sept. 16. Seniors attempted to lead the student section in an effort to try and awaken a sleeping Park football team.

Anya Panday

The student section at high school sports games is a phenomenon. Every year, a group of seniors leads Park’s student section, encouraging them to chant and organizing cheers to support our players. This year the seniors are once again taking on one of Park’s biggest sporting events — football games. Football games at Park are largely attended and with that comes mixed reviews about this year’s student section.

Sophomore Alex Hoag expressed her concern for this year’s student section.

“I want to see excitement, when last year’s seniors led it there were constant cheers,” Hoag said. “The student section is less fun this year, I wish more people were leading it. No one knows what to do and it seems like there’s only one person a game that’s really leading it.”

Junior Tony Kruse, who plays safety on the football team, said he felt optimistic about the student section.

“The student section can get our spirits up a lot, and it definitely can affect how we play and help us win,” Kruse said. “They’re doing a good job, but they need to pick up the plays and cheer when it’s important.”

We just want to try new things, engage more people and make sure everyone can have fun.

— Anna Becker

Senior Anna Becker, a leader of the student section, provided an explanation for the student section feeling different this year.

“No one officially decided who was leading the student section,” Becker said. “It’s just a group of seniors who want to lead. It switches up a lot depending on who wants to lead and who feels like being more involved that day.”

Hoag said the most important thing to make a good student section is being energized.

“A student section is the best when everyone is loud and engaged,” Hoag said. “I like it when I can’t hear the person next to me—it’s a nice feeling.”

According to Becker, the seniors leading the student section have plans to improve the energy  this year.

“We’re trying to get blow horns to make it louder. We’re trying to get every grade involved, especially underclassmen. I’m worried sometimes they can’t hear us from the top rows, so we’re trying to make a bigger sense of community,” Becker said. “We just want to try new things, engage more people and make sure everyone can have fun.”