New team, new opportunity

Alpine team addition opens doors


Jana Faust

Skiing has always been a very important part of my life. I started skiing when I was little, and it has been something that has stuck with me. In sixth grade, I joined a recreational race team. The next year I joined the Four Degrees Alpine Race Team, where I’ve been racing for about five years now. I see skiing as a great way to get outside and connect with people.

Racing is a way to spend more time skiing and experience the competitive aspect of the sport. In high school, when I started taking things more seriously with the sport, I learned that Park didn’t have an alpine race team. This was disappointing because at club races, I was competing against girls who would later go to state while I didn’t have the opportunity to even race in high school races. I had always been jealous of the athletes that could represent not only themselves, but their school when racing. 

Park’s new ski team brings forth lots of new opportunities, one of which is establishing a relationship with Eden Prairie alpine. The partnership with Eden Prairie paved a path towards success in creating a team here. We share coaches and lane space. The partnership not only gives Park players a team, but also the opportunity to make new friends. I love the partnership and have made some amazing friends because of it. I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to compete at sections and possibly even state. Skiing has brought many great things into my life, and I hope it continues to do so.