Hawks reign over the nest

Girls’ basketball suffered 80-41 loss


Dahlia Herman

Evelyn Schmitz drives to the basket. Girls’ basketball lost to Cooper 80-41 March 1.

Dahlia Herman and Sarah Kluckhohn

On March 1, girls’ basketball lost 80-41 against Robbinsdale Cooper in a section game that ended their season for the year. 

Senior Stayci Spates said she gave her best effort because this was her last game playing for Park. 

“I didn’t give up,” Spates said. “That’s something I’m proud of even though we got blown out. It was my last game so I just went out there and tried my best the whole time.” 

According to head coach Arsenio Richardson, the team worked hard, but struggled at times too.

“We had moments where we showed some growth and then moments that showed that we hadn’t had as much experience so it was a little bit of both,” Richardson said. 

Sophomore Gabby Fadden said she hopes the team’s dynamic will become closer and players will bond more next year.

“I hope we improve in team chemistry,” Fadden said. “There has been a lot of change, so we will have to see where that goes next season.”

Richardson said the aggressiveness the team possessed during the season wasn’t there during this game.

“We didn’t come out with the intensity that I thought we had,” Richardson said. “We would give a little bit better effort and be more competitive and today it just didn’t show. We were way more timid this game (compared to last). They capitalized on our mistakes.”  

Spates said she feels the team didn’t show up to their best capabilities and the lack of confidence and key players were a primary reason for the loss.

“We did worse compared to last game,” Spates said. “Our previous game was at Jefferson, and we only lost by two. Here, we got blown out. We’ve played Cooper before and we only lost two in overtime.”

Richardson said improvement will come with practice, skills and mindset.

“We’ve got to get tougher,” Richardson said. “Our girls have more skill, they have to get in the gym, they have to put the time in.

Spates said she hopes that even though she won’t be here next year, the communication in the team improves.

“We need more communication next season because that was an issue,” Spates said.

Girl’s basketball will be back on the court next November.