Spring sports teams hold fundraisers


Cole Taylor

Senior Denly Lindeman leads the track team during pre-practice stretching April 13. The team was successful in rasing money for the program through fundraising efforts.

Alex Hoag

To combat the many costs that come with playing a sport, many of Parks sports teams have been hosting fundraisers for financial support. Through these initiatives, the softball and track teams have found a way to help with these costs. Both the track and softball teams hosted a coupon sale which succeeded in raising money for both teams. 

According to senior track captain Fiona Schaack, the team was in urgent need of funds to purchase new equipment and make sure coaches are being paid properly.

“The track team hasn’t fundraised in a while — we pretty much didn’t have any money left to spend and we need lots of new equipment for races,” Schaack said. “Also, we need to be able to pay coaching staff. Right now we actually have three coaches who are just volunteering their time to be there and teaching us. We definitely needed to raise money to be able to pay our staff.”

Sophomore softball player Cora zumBrunnen said that the need for new equipment, uniforms and potential trip money required the team to fundraise.

“We’re fundraising because the St. Louis Park softball teams need better uniforms and we have to pay for all of our equipment,” zumBrunnen said. “We’d also like to get nicer equipment and our coach plans to take us to Florida next year, so he’d like to raise some money for that.”

Girls’ track coach Wyatt Scheu said team bonds are strengthened when everyone is working towards one goal. 

“When you’re fundraising you’re working towards the team, not necessarily for yourself,” Scheu said. “No individual is going to see a specific benefit necessarily, but the team will see benefit. It’s an opportunity to put yourself and the individual aside and say that we’re trying to do something for everybody.”

Both the track and softball teams turned the fundraiser into a game to try and boost morale and make it a fun and memorable experience. Schaack said the whole team met up and spent the day selling tickets and having fun.

“This year it was a whole event,” Schaack said. “We met at the high school on Saturday at 9:45 a.m. and we passed out these little coupon sheets. We had to drive with our team to the different houses and sell the coupons and it became a competition of who could sell the most. It emphasized team bonding as we all were competitive with each other, but also working together to raise money for the team.”

According to zumBrunnen the fundraiser helped strengthen  bonds with the middle school players and allowed the team to become closer.

“Everyone goes out in separate groups and you drive around for a few hours and you sell the cards,” zumBrunnen said. “It’s fun because you get to hang out with your teammates outside of sports and you get to hang out with the girls from the middle school so they can get to know you.”

Scheu said fundraising helps provide small things that improve the overall experience of the team. 

“Having funds allows for some flexibility. It allows you to do either some fun things for the team or provide things that add quality of life,” Scheu said. “Even if you bought team snacks for meets, just to help make sure that kids are well fed and hydrated. It improves the quality of life for a team.”

According to zumBrunnen the fundraiser also acted as advertisement for the team.

“I would go to people’s houses and they’d ask what it’s for, and I’d tell them about softball,” zumBrunnen said. “Then they start to ask questions about softball and what the schedule is. It spreads awareness for all the softball teams and it’s an easy way to help make some money for your team.”

The next track meet will be held at 3:30 p.m, April 13 at Chaska High School. Softball will have their next game at 5 p.m., April 18 at Aquila Park.