Girls’ lacrosse team bonds

Team bowls at Park Tavern


Hanna Wilsey

Junior Meg Ridgeway prepares to bowl a strike April 30. Park girls’ lacrosse held their first team bonding of the season at Park Tavern.

Abby Meisler and Ayelel Meyen

Since the season began, the girls’ lacrosse team has been organizing activities to bring the team closer together. On April 30 Park’s girls’ lacrosse had a team bonding event at Park Tavern. The team went bowling and ate food. 

Junior captain Rylie Unangst said she thinks that team bonding is important for the relationship between teammates.

“Team bonding makes us more comfortable with each other, seeing the other side of everyone off the field which helps us work better on the field,” Unangst said.

The team bonding event was meant to be a chance to get the team together in a fun and relaxed setting. Junior captain Meg Ridgway said she thinks that it is a good way to spend time with the team while not being on the field.

“It gives us an opportunity to all hangout together outside of a sports setting so it’s a little more informal,” Ridgway said.

Senior captain Shaydi Falcon said she also believes that team bonding helps to build a connected team.

“It really shows when we are on the field because we all work cohesively rather than individually,” Falcon said. “If we are not somewhat friends at least outside of practice then that really shows in practice and when we are playing.”

According to Unangst team bonding events increases trust between the team which is important during games and on the field.

“It builds trust which you need on the field as a team,” Unangst said. “It’s really important to trust one another and be able to understand what’s going on in that person’s head.”

Along with the benefits to the team, junior Madeline Anklam said she thinks that team bonding is a good way to make new connections.

“It’s fun, I’ve made a lot of friends through the sport and team bonding helps solidify and build those friendships when we are not on the field,” Anklam said.

The next girls’ lacrosse game is at 4:30 p.m. May 4 against Benilde at Benilde-St. Margaret’s High School.