Girls’ golf embraces youth

Team begins to get back in swing


Heather Westwood

Sophomore Izzy Leviton gets ready to drive the ball at Brookview driving range on April 7. The next match takes place at 2 p.m. April 20 at Dwan Golf Course.

Alec Pittman

Focusing on one swing at a time, the girls practice on the turf at the Brooklyn Park Golf Dome instead of the grass outside, according to coach Zach Strouts.

Strouts said he would like to practice on the grass, but because of weather the team usually practices in the dome.

“I think the beginning of the season is tough. We cannot control weather,” Strouts said. “I think it is important for all of our girls to get as many swings as possible until we can get on real grass.”

Junior captain Grace Feldman said she looks forward to leading the new players.

“I hope to have a good season as a team,” Feldman said. “Especially with new girls joining and returning golfers who are inexperienced, I want them to be able to swing a club with confidence and see their improvement over the season.”

Coach Joe Yaeger said the team this year will feature many younger players.

“The difference this year, the biggest one, is we are going to be much younger,” Yaeger said. “A lot of our returning girls are within their first or second year playing on the team so I am hoping for a big step up with the younger girls and the younger grades.”

According to sophomore returning golfer Izzy Leviton, the golf team enjoys the addition of the new players.

“Everybody is super close and everybody is super nice and inclusive,” Leviton said. “I know there are a bunch of younger girls on the team that are joining this year, and I am excited to meet them.”

Yaeger said Strouts and himself returning as coaches will solve issues such as inexperience.

“Well, one personal issue I had was that this was a brand new sport for me to take over and just learning the ins and outs: competitions, invitationals, practices. That was a big difference,” Yaeger said. “This year, I think with Zach and I, we will be able to implement practices with different skill sets, trainings and drills.”

According to Feldman, the lightheartedness of the team makes the season enjoyable.

“I think we have fun coaches that keep everyone laughing which makes it enjoyable to go to practice every day,” Feldman said. “Golf is an easygoing sport with a lot of social time while you’re playing, so that makes it fun.”

Strouts said watching the girls begin to love the game is his favorite part of coaching the team.

“I think Joe and I can agree that the most enjoyable part for us as coaches is when we see our girls smiling and having a good time,” Strouts said. “We want golf to be serious. Discipline is good for everyone and of course we want to win, but for us it is important that our girls take this skill and use it forever.”