Rough match for Crush

Crush plays in state championship match


Noah Leventhal

Ryan Steinberg catches the frisbee while evading an Edina player June 7. Crush ended up losing the game 11-10 against Edina

Jacob Martenson

As the sports season comes to a close, Park’s ultimate frisbee team faced off against Edina in the state championship game. Crush lost in the state championship game with a score of 11-10 June 7.

Junior Noam Halpren said the main focus this off-season will be to recruit players.

“A big thing we have to do is recruit and grow the team, which we did a really good job of this past offseason,” Halpern said. “But we need to keep doing that.” 

Junior Parker Knudson said Edina’s team commended Ryan duSaire on his performance.

“They actually said he’s one of the breakaway players that they’ve played in their history of Edina,” Knudson said.

Coach Spencer Hagen said he is proud of his team and their persistence even through tough times.

“I’m incredibly proud of the team and how they played,” Hagen said. “The way we were able to fight (to) do some things that didn’t go our way. Then I just thought that from start to finish, our energy was very positive”

Halpern said their biggest problem for the match was their lack of consistency.

“We couldn’t stay consistent the whole game — we were able to push through a lot of it and gave it our best,” Halpern said.

Coach Hagen said a highlight from the game was their defense and how they kept the pressure on Edina.

“I thought that we had an incredible defensive pressure the whole game,” Hagen said. “Creating more turnovers and putting pressure on throughout the whole game”

Crush is now starting to train and prepare for their upcoming fall season to start fresh in the fall.