Weather creates new challenges for spring sports

Athletes struggle to stay motivated


Emily Ziessman

Girls’ lacrosse plays against Benilde St. Margaret’s April 19. Park lost 5-12.

Kate Schneider

A record 13 inches of snow fell on St. Louis Park in mid-April, according to Kare 11, crushing athletes’ hopes of practicing outside.

The blizzard caused many games to be canceled or rescheduled, which the athletic office must handle, according to athletic director Andrew Ewald.

“We’ve had to do a ton of rescheduling already, we’ve just been postponing without having an assigned date to get the games in,” Ewald said. “We haven’t known about how the outside conditions are gonna be. There’s probably a greater chance of not getting full schedules in.”

Freshman track member Olivia Etz said the snow has been frustrating to many athletes, especially as many thought they were going to be able to practice outside earlier in the season.

“A lot of people are getting tired of snow, and they just want spring to come so they can get outside and get on the track,” Etz said.

According to senior softball captain Megan Perkins, everyone is trying to work through the negativity brought by another week of inside practices by staying motivated.

“It’s taken a toll on the team, definitely. It’s just kinda working on keeping everybody motivated and coming to practice every day and willing to work hard, willing to do our stuff,” Perkins said.

Perkins said that students are still finding ways to keep a positive outlook. For some, being stuck inside hasn’t been all bad for training and has given athletes a chance to focus more on technique and teamwork.

“In a way, it will be better because we’ll be able to focus on hitting and just kinda working on team dynamic, getting better, working together as a team, makes us closer,” Perkins said.

Ewald said that the athletic staff is struggling with scheduling but are trying their best to get practice time for all sports.  

According to, with improving weather, spring sports are beginning their competition season.