Girls’ lacrosse starts season

Athletes prepare for games


Abigail Prestholdt

Seventh grader Gretchen Fandel Thompson faces defender freshman Ruby Smith during practice April 12. The lacrosse team has begun practices preparing for their spring season.

Maria Perez Barriga

Head coach Kyle Sweeney said many players were on edge during lacrosse tryouts because the season was canceled in 2020. 

“It was really exciting, but also a lot of the girls were nervous because we didn’t have a season last year. Some of them haven’t played as much but they got back into it pretty quick,” Sweeney said. 

According to senior captain Abby Meyer, she wasn’t able to be a junior captain for lacrosse due to COVID-19, so she feels a bit unprepared this season. 

“Obviously it was a little different as a captain when I didn’t get my junior trial run last year. So me, Kate and Jarielyz were kind of thrown into it,” Meyer said. “Usually we have a junior captain last year, but we didn’t have a season, so I didn’t get much preparation for the leadership role.” 

Senior Claire Bargman said girls’ lacrosse is attending strength and conditioning with Jessica Gust two days a week to help with preparation for upcoming games.

“It’s really important (doing strength) for injury prevention. Just getting back into shape especially after COVID(-19),” Bargman said. “So a lot of our muscles aren’t used to playing that much, so I think strength is helping us get used to it quicker.”

Sweeney said she is looking forward to the team getting to play its games this season and she believes they enjoy their time in practices.  

“I think that they are just going to work really hard and love every minute because they were so bummed not to have a season. This year, I think everyone was not taking it for granted at all,” Sweeney said.

Bargman said this season will focus on helping to improve players and rebuild skills. 

“I’m super excited about (playing). A lot of people were not able to play last season just because of COVID(-19), so I think the coaches and the students are on the same page that this is a growing and learning year,” Bargman said. “A lot of people forgot a lot of basic stuff about lacrosse just because it’s been so long, but everyone has a good work ethic.”   

Meyer said she hopes the games held for girls’ lacrosse won’t get canceled and that she will get to bond with her teammates. 

“We have a lot of girls that I am super excited to play with and I’m super excited to see them develop over the season. I don’t want any games to be canceled but I’m super excited to get to know everybody and make some friends,” Meyer said. 

Girls’ lacrosse will play their first game against Cooper 7 p.m. April 15 at Robbinsdale Cooper High School.