GSA co-president Anika Jamison promotes equality

Plans to work with the Outfront organization


Samiya Mohamed

Junior Anika Jamison discusses what their plans are for Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) club next semester. Jamison is the president of GSA.

Ethan Meisler and Sofie Geretz

According to co-president and junior Anika Jamison she got involved in the Gay Straight Alliance, because of the safe space it creates and wanting to make a difference in the community.

“I want to make a change at St. Louis Park and make it safer,” Jamison said. “In the beginning, it was finding out why I felt different than other people and it just turned into this amazing group of people and it’s been so much fun. I’ve made a lot of friends.”

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) member and junior Al Woida said he thinks Jamison overall does a good job managing the club.

“She sometimes has a little bit of trouble getting everyone to quiet down at the start of the meetings,” Woida said. “But once she does she’s usually pretty good at keeping us under control and on track. Overall I think she’s great.”

Woida said Jamison has many qualities of a positive leader.

“I think that Anika is an amazing leader. She genuinely cares about everyone in the club, and she puts a lot of effort into leading the GSA and making it as enjoyable as possible for everyone,” Woida said.

According to Jamison, as co-president of GSA she has created new opportunities for the club with the Outfront organization.

“We’ve done a lot of group things. So each week we have a topic we talk about and as co-presidents, we started some new things. I volunteer for this organization called Outfront, which is a nonprofit in Minneapolis and all of Minnesota,” Jamison said. “Through that, we’ve been planning this giant event that’s in March at the Youth Summit.”

Woida said he thinks Jamison is a positive role model to those in the GSA club.

“I would definitely say that Anika is a role model. She’s very compassionate and caring, which are qualities that are important for people to have,” Woida said.

According to Woida, he knew Jamison would do well as GSA co-president when he found out about her new club position.

“I was super excited when Anika told me she was going to be co-president of the GSA. I’ve been friends with her since she first came to SLP schools back when we were in sixth grade, and I knew right away that she was going to do an amazing job,” Woida said. “She’s always been passionate about equality and making sure everyone has a safe space.”

The GSA club meets every Thursday before school from about 8:05 a.m. to 8:40 a.m. in room B231.