Quiz Bowl practices for Nationals

Club set to compete in Atlanta, Georgia


Carly Joseph

Senior Sam Jensen practices Quiz Bowl in preparation for Nationals. Nationals will be held May 25-26 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Senior Cailey Hansen-Mahoney said she and her teammates get ready to face the buzzer by doing more than just studying facts.

“We’re continuing with our daily practices and then individual people are studying a lot more especially as a team. We have been doing a little fundraising as well,” Hansen-Mahoney said. “We just did a Chipotle fundraiser and I’m hoping we can do more, and we sold concessions at the conference championship which was a good fundraiser.”

According to sophomore Kaylee Quick, Nationals is a lot of work for the Quiz Bowl team.

“We qualified three teams of four for Nationals but we’re taking a lot of the seniors,” Quick said. “Nationals are in Atlanta, Georgia this year and I think they are up to 10 rounds a day.”

According to Hansen-Mahoney, the Quiz Bowl team has worked hard to get where they are now.

“We have had an incredible season this year, we were conference champions. We’ve had a lot of players that have placed really highly and a team that just wanted to study,” Hansen-Mahoney said.

Senior Quinn Whitlow said he’s ready to take a win against a previous opponent.

“Having another shot to play Wayzata because we were one point away from beating them at the state tournament — they just answered faster than us.” Whitlow said.

According to Whitlow, some students go to compete and others go just to enjoy the event.

“We have 22 people from our school going to Nationals,” Whitlow said. “The four people of a team will play the most and a few other people will play games — most other people just want to go for the experience.”

According to Quick, Quiz Bowl Nationals will be held in Atlanta, Georgia over Memorial Day weekend.