Parking passes for second semester move to online sales

District hopes to make process easier, quicker


Jayde Claussen

Junior Rodo Abdullah looks at the parking pass guidelines online. This is the first semester Park has sold parking permits online.

Kate Schneider

When purchasing her parking permit this fall, junior Greta Kulevsky said she felt inconvenienced by the line. However, she looks forward to the possible benefits of online sales.

“I had to get up really early just to wait in a long line. If you forget any of the stuff you need, you lose your spot,” Kulevsky said.

Administrative assistant Kiki Chistensen said she has been working to set up the online registration and to inform drivers on how to buy parking passes.

“I attended a couple of meetings and then had some training on how to set up. Now, I’m working on doing announcements,” she said.

Christensen said the goal is for students to have a shorter wait time to buy their parking permit.

“I’m hoping that it’ll make it easier for students and parents because we won’t have this rush at the door. It gives (students) time because it opens up on (Jan. 24),” Christensen said. “Then they can have all weekend.”

According to Kulevsky, buying permits online will save time and the system will be less stressful than the past.

“Selling passes online is going to be so much easier because we can just buy them from our computer,” Kulevsky said.

Junior Maddy Doherty said it might be harder to get a parking permit online since some may have easier access.

“They will sell out faster online because people won’t have to come into school early to get one. Also I don’t know how they’re going to hand out the parking passes,” Doherty said.

The parking passes will be sold online starting 8 a.m. Jan. 24.