Ultimate ushers in postseason

Team prepares for state tournament


Sarah Kluckhohn

Boys’ ultimate practices at Oak Hill park May 18. State is just around the corner.

With ultimate State fast approaching, boys’ varsity captain Micah Davis said playing ultimate is always an opportunity to gain knowledge and really values team bonding. 

“We have practices two times a week, with captain’s practices on the days we don’t have official practices. We’ve (also) been doing team bonding events outside of ultimate frisbee practices so that really helps with the chemistry of the team,” Davis said. “Then obviously we have games, so everything’s always a learning experience when we’re playing ultimate.” 

Senior girls’ ultimate captain Natasha Johannes said all the tournaments are a building block for State.

“To prepare for State is just how we prepare for all of our tournaments. State is the last tournament of the year so it’s just a combination of our whole season. We have practice three times a week, games one time a week (and)we also like to support the boys team whenever we are off,” Johannas said, “At practices we normally try to focus on whatever has been  tough for us or stuff that could elevate our game.” 

Coach Carl Sorenson said, even amidst the State tournament, it is still important to have fun while still focusing on what needs to be done.

“While we are trying to keep the fun, we are also trying to keep the intensity of the game,” Sorenson said. “It’s a lot of the same stuff that we always do:trying to focus it in a little bit more, try(ing) to keep the fun and try not to take ourselves too seriously — fun first and competitive second.”

According to Davis, the team has been gearing up for state since the start of the season. 

“Really the operation for state starts at the beginning of the season. Your whole season is building up for state and other tournaments. So we’re always preparing for state,” Davis said.

According to Sorenson, having scrimmage games helps prepare the team for future competition it will face at state. 

“We don’t really prepare any differently, but we might see if there are any local club teams who might be able to scrimmage with the varsity,” Sorenson said. 

Johannes said she believes taking care of your body is the most important and making sure you are in the best shape to compete at State. 

“We have been prepping the whole season. We actually started in January for our practices. Currently, we are just making sure we are taking care of our body’s and recovering so we can learn new things and have lots of energy,” Johannas said.

Going to State is a way to show off your team, according to Davis, and it’s a massive tournament that can’t be compared to others. 

“State is a way to show how good your team is and how good your team is compared to other teams in the state. It’s just this massive tournament that’s really important — State is like the final punch.” Davis said.

Recently, it was announced that the boys’ team has received a bid to nationals in Virginia, which will take place after State. Sorenson said he feels elated for the team, and said going to State will help them prepare for the next step. 

“State has been established since 2012, and this is the first year of being able to go to Nationals, which in my opinion is the highest form of tournament that a team can go to.” Sorenson said. “Especially when our team is only self-funded by parents and fundraisers.” 

According to Johannes, the importance of state is just simply one last hurrah with her friends and team and is a good way to say goodbye. 

“State is a good way to end our season. It’s nice to have a final tournament where we can show all the things that we have learned. It’s also before the banquet and the last day of school so it’s like the last opportunity for us to play together before the seniors graduate.” Johannas said. 

Davis said he is impressed with how the team has worked together this season.

“Our team is super well bonded this year and also just the skill and how we work together is really impressive. We’ve had a really successful year so far.” Davis said. “I’m super excited to play some competitive games at state.”