World Cup causing distractions in class

Matches moved to fall impacting learning in school


Lex Lee

With the World Cup having been moved from the summer to the fall, it has caused some problems in classrooms. When I think of the World Cup, I think of sitting on a couch and watching it in the summer. I wondered if this World Cup having to be in the fall would cause problems with students’ grades and attendance. With this change in schedule,I can say that the games have become a distraction in school. 


The World Cup is known for being the biggest tournament in the soccer world. It brings in national teams from countries all soccer fans across the globe hoping to become world champions.. It only happens every four years, which is another reason why it’s such a big deal for soccer fans.


Due to all of this, students from all over the world, not just Park, have been watching the World Cup in class on phones, chromebooks and even have had teachers and principals display it in class. In some classes, teachers display the World Cup for students to watch and enjoy while doing work, but it can cause a distraction for students running behind on work and not paying attention in class. Personally, I’ve had times when I was watching the World Cup in class and not paying attention. The World Cup is a wonderful thing to watch and see with your own eyes, but displaying it in class restricts students from learning. Playing the World Cup in class takes away valuable knowledge for students to learn and use.


Despite this, there are some pros with the World Cup being displayed in class. You’re able to watch national teams head-on clash with each other for their country which as an avid soccer fan, I appreciatae . But many students end up missing assignments and not paying attention. The World Cup should be displayed in classes that do not have much work on a particular day, or with the teachers’ decision.