Luke Rowan takes on ‘Newsies’

Freshman acts in a Stages Theatre Company ongoing show


Layla Mickelson

How long have you been doing theater?

Since third grade I did a show at PSI and I’ve been doing theater ever since. My first Stages show was in 2021 — “Elf the Musical JR.” 

How is the community within ‘Newsies’?

They’re all great! They’re all terrific actors and singers and it’s just an incredibly wholesome community. We’re always having such a fantastic time — we’re a family. 

Why did you start theater? 

Well, basically every member of my family also did theater. My grandfather has been doing Stages Theatre Company shows since it opened in 1984. My dad did Stages shows as well and I decided to carry on family tradition.

What is the hardest part of being in ‘Newsies’?

My part is very easy. I don’t really have to do any dancing or singing, but for everyone else it’s probably the hardest choreography of any show produced at Stages. 

Who is your role model in theater?

My grandfather, because he has been doing Stages Theatre Company shows since it opened.

How do you manage theater while in school?

After performances, I get home and see what assignment I missed during the school day. 

How often do you have performances?

Two shows on Wednesday, two performances on Thursday, one performance on Friday, two performances on Saturday and two performances on Sunday. So we have nine performances within a week, on top of school. 

What is your favorite memory from ‘Newsies’?

That would be my ascot that I wear for my performances. Learning how to tie it — that would probably be one of the greatest moments from the show. 

What is something you’ve learned while being a part of ‘Newsies’? 

Oh! I learned how to tie an ascot … That’s it.