Netflix’s ‘Emily in Paris’ gives laughs

New series filled with adventure, romance, drama


Jordyn Deschamps

After watching the first episode of “Emily in Paris,” I knew it would be full of many adventures and struggles for Emily to overcome.

To start off, Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) is from Chicago and is given a chance to work in Paris for a year to bring in and help a new “Americanized” system for her company as a social media marketer. Along the way, Emily has to learn the different ways of Paris, like learning french and the differences of France compared to America. She also meets many new friends that will play a vital role in her experiences along the way.

When I watched the first couple of episodes, it was apparent to me that Emily knew what she wanted and didn’t take no for an answer. The way Lily Collins portrayed Emily was very well done; she captured the business woman side of Emily and the fun, young side of Emily as well. 

Throughout the whole show, one thing that stuck out to me the most was the costuming and clothes. The style was very out of the box, yet still stayed true to Paris’s aesthetic. If I ever get the chance to travel to Paris, I would definitely want to wear the clothes they wore in the series. Luc (Bruno Gouery) and Julien (Samule Arnold) who work alongside Emily also bring very laughable moments in all of their scenes together and add many lighthearted moments to the show.

Though this series has many positive and enjoyable moments, it also has some areas that it could work on. It would probably help if you are familiar a little with the French language. It does have English subtitles, but not all the time. Another thing that could be improved upon is the show has some cliches. It has the stereotypical “boy next door” trope and also paints Paris in a bad light. The show stated that Paris citizens are rude, which I believe isn’t the case for many people living there.

Overall, this show was enjoyable to watch and will suck the viewer in from the beginning. It will leave the viewer wondering what will happen next with Emily and her time in Paris. People should watch it for the sense of adventure that is highly presented.

“Emily in Paris”: ★★★★☆