Three fun things to do while stuck inside

Activities that help to tackle boredom and restlessness


Isra Mohamed

For the past seven months, many of us have become very familiar with being bored or restless. Due to COVID-19 and snowy weather, we are essentially being forced to stay inside our houses for long periods of time and that alone is enough to drive anyone crazy. To reduce restlessness, here are three fun things to do indoors.

One fun thing to do is to start baking. Baking is known to reduce stress and it is also a great way for you to make something you can treat the whole family with. Some basic foods you can bake are cookies, brownies and bread. Baking isn’t difficult, even beginners can get into this hobby. Some simple things to start off with are getting the brownie powder from your local grocery store like Target and mixing it with staple ingredients like eggs, oil and water. Also, I use Pinterest to get inspiration when I want to bake things like pumpkin bread and cinnamon rolls to get into the fall spirit right now.

Another fun thing to do is binge-watch movies with your family/friends.  Movies can have  certain themes like Christmas or Halloween. Now that it is the holiday season, my personal favorite movies to switch off between are Hocus Pocus for a spooky feel, Home Alone for a Christmas vibe and any Madea movie for a Thanksgiving mood. Those are some great options if you are looking for good movies to watch. If you have a certain genre of TV shows, you can also go ahead and binge-watch them. I personally like Grey’s Anatomy and Criminal Minds because I think crime and medicine are fascinating. Another thing to go with movies is to dress up as characters in the movies, so that everyone can get a good laugh out of the costumes while enjoying the film.

The last activity everyone should get into is being productive with their time. Being productive doesn’t necessarily mean avoiding procrastination from your homework. It can also mean cleaning your room, having a self-care day or starting a workout program. My favorite programs to watch are workouts by Madfit and Chloe Ting because not only are they free on Youtube, they are also really fun to do, because there is lots of fun music to go with the workouts. Both Madfit and Chloe Ting are super interactive and motivational for people who want to see change in their bodies. Trying these activities will not only have you feeling accomplished, but being productive is guaranteed to make you feel so much better with everything going on in the world.