Scream Town makes for an entertaining Halloween activity

Despite disadvantages, attraction pulls through as a success

Lilia Gonzalez

Walking into Scream Town and seeing the smoky atmosphere set the scene for a spooky Halloween-time scare. Scream Town, located in Chaska, consists of five different attractions and costs $35 for a regular ticket bought online. 

Entering the first attraction, the Circus Asylum, one of the actors pointed a flashlight at my shoes and said, “white shoes, really? It’s two inches of muddy water, I hope you don’t like those.” I couldn’t tell if he was joking or not, but as I entered the house, I soon realized my shoes would be ruined by the end of the night. Although it wasn’t muddy in all the attractions, it is still a problem, as it distracts the people from enjoying the haunted houses. 

Another thing that bothered me was the flashing lights. There were warnings about this, but nothing prepared me for the duration of the strobe lights, and the brightness that made it very difficult to see. This occurred in every attraction. 

The majority of my time at Scream Town, I was walking through the haunted houses, not being scared by actors. In some attractions, like the Oak Blood Forest, the stationary objects and noises were scary, but other attractions consisted of fake zombies and strange laughing noises. This made part of it feel like it was directed towards kids, not adults. However, I do appreciate all the creativity that must have gone into making the sets. 

When the actors did come out though, they did a great job at scaring people and making them uncomfortable. Probably the scariest part of the night was when an actor sprinted towards me with a chainsaw. 

After exiting the attractions there is a large recreational area with seating and food trucks, along with some vendors. This is a great addition to the park and it allows the visitors to calm down after a scary experience. 

Overall, I enjoyed this haunted attraction and it made for a very entertaining night. Although it wasn’t super frightening, if you are looking for a fun Halloween activity, I would recommend Scream Town if you are looking for a fun Halloween activity.