Students’ art hosted at exhibit

Artists from various schools show their art at Normandale


Sergei Bovee

Student’s artwork displayed at Normandale College’s art show. The art show ran from mid-February to late March.

Serena Bovee

At Normandale Community College, there is an ongoing art fair with art pieces made by students from surrounding high schools, and six of Park’s students were featured in the fair. These pieces were shown in various art forms from pottery to pen and pencil. The content expressed through them also varied. 

The majority of the art displayed was of a darker tone. These art pieces give food for thought and  show ideas that wouldn’t be able to be expressed from a lighter tone. The ideas impacted me in a way that wouldn’t have been done through the alternative tone.

However, some of the pieces have a very light energy. One example of a piece that has a playful tone is some ceramic crockery and utensils made by Mae Guttenfelder. It has various shapes painted in pastel colors.  These shapes vary from a simple circle inside the bowl to a humanoid shape on the side of another dish. These pots are covered with even more shapes that exhibit a simple, but happy composition. 

Throughout the show, there was one main piece I was drifting toward. It was a pen and pencil piece named “Lyfe” by Dayanara Juela Ortiz. This piece showed life from a perspective of climate change and how we have a limited time before it’s too late. Ortiz showed how plants and animals are harmed by climate change. 

Students from other schools also presented art.  Their pieces were also extraordinary and had its own unique features. These art pieces were beautiful, one such piece was a clay teapot with wood used as a material. The wood was placed on the handles and it looks like it could be used as an actual tea pot.

Overall, the show contained art in many different styles which showcased different ideas of the human experience. They induced thoughts that would’ve been hard to convey through other media. These pieces were also made of various materials and were not just painted on paper. There was a huge variety between all the pieces that made every art piece stand out. 

If you would like to see these art compositions, go to the fine art section at Normandale Community College. It is open from 7–9 pm with the exceptions being Friday from 7–5 pm and Saturday 7–4 pm. The exhibit is closed on Sunday.