How to “sleigh” the holidays

Fool-proof last-minute gift guide


Anya Panday

Teenagers are chronic procrastinators and with the holidays quickly approaching many are scrambling to find last-minute gifts. To help combat this yearly cycle, I’ve compiled a list in no particular order of (mostly) affordable gift ideas for the special people in your life.

30 oz Stanley Cup – $30

First on the list is the TikTok-viral Stanley cup. While it’s a bit of a splurge for a cup, a Stanley will never fail to keep a drink at your desired temperature. The big selling point for this cup has to be the three-position lid, which allows you to drink your water in various ways to suit your sipping style. If you have a dehydrated friend in your life, getting them a Stanley in their favorite color is sure to be a quick fix.

90 mL Sol De Janiero Body Fragrance – $20

Another TikTok-viral group of products, the Sol De Janiero fragrances, is sure to make any beauty product lover in your life happy. While I’ve linked the most popular fragrance, any of the four mainstream fragrances would be a suitable gift. These fragrances are selling like crazy and it’s not for no reason. They smell great, last a long time and get you a bang for your buck. If you’re struggling to get your trend-loving friend a gift, these fragrances are a great option.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II” – $70

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II” is the most expensive item on this list, but the price tag is justifiable when you consider how new it is. If you have a ‘screenager’ or gamer in your life, “Modern Warfare II” is a solid option to keep them entertained. “Modern Warfare II” brings gamers back to when “Modern Warfare’s” campaign mode meant something and it’s another solid addition to the franchise.

Fancy chocolate – $10–20

The next gift on this list is an easy way to trick your loved ones into thinking you put actual effort into getting them a present. Stop getting your friends bags of assorted, basic chocolate and instead start searching the candy aisle at Target for deceivingly fancy delicacies. Ferrero Rocher, Lindor Truffles or even cheaper, but cutely packaged chocolate, is sure to do the trick. Pick up a few packages, put them in a fun bag and make the sugar addicts in your life happy without spending more than 20 dollars.

A box – flexible pricing

Please don’t actually get your loved ones an empty box for the holidays. Instead, fill that box with their favorite things. Filling a box with snacks, drinks, assorted knick-knacks and things that are their favorite color is a surefire way to make your friend think you know them really well. If you are unsure on what to get a new friend, or if you don’t want to commit to really getting them an item they might not like, an assorted gift box is an easy, low-commitment gift that will fit anyone’s budget.

LEGO – $20 – really expensive

Anyone who doesn’t enjoy LEGO should not be trusted. LEGO has such a wide array of sets that you are sure to find a style, price and difficulty that suits anyone in your life. While many LEGO sets can be expensive, there are many cheaper ones that can serve as an excellent form of entertainment to any of your loved ones. While there are a few Lego sets under $20, I recommend avoiding these as they tend to cross the threshold from funny and cute into too small to be worth it.