Yes, it’s really the end

‘Attack on Titan’ season four part three


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Liz Williams

Part three of season four of “Attack on Titan” finally came out and the fans are hyped. The last part of season four, part one, came out March 4. This was such a big deal to the anime fans because we’ve been waiting a while for this, since they broke down season four into three parts. They did this unannounced and the fans were pretty mad, because they thought they were going to get the season in one piece back in December 2020, causing us to wait two years for season four to be completed.

The anime has a book version you can read and it finished a while back so most fans that read it already know what happens like me, but now we finally get to see it animated which makes it so much better and more emotional. “Attack on Titan” is also known for their voice acting. They have one of the best voice acting crews for the Japanese version and the English version. One of my favorites is eren’s VA Yuki Kaji. I’d say he’s one of my favorites because he really shows and makes us feel what eren is going through just simply by the way he voices eren’s character. Since I knew the last season was going to be really emotional, I was excited to see how the voice actors would showcase their emotions. So far, the voice acting is amazing as always.

The first episode was an hour long and that was surprising, because most of the time it’s only 30 minutes but I enjoyed every second of it. They did an amazing job with the animations and matching it to the book. I went through many different emotions watching the first episode, I even had to take a break because of one scene. The action scenes were so good, and the CGI in part three is definitely better than in part one and two. I suppose it was because they rushed production when they were making the first two parts rather than the last part. One of the times when CGI really surprised me was when the character Hange fought some of the titans. The way the background looked and the way she was moving fast looked so smooth and neat.

The only reason why they split the last season into three parts was because “Mappa,” the studio that produced “Attack on Titan,” was also producing other popular shows like “Chainsaw Man,” “Jujutsu Kaisen” and many more. It was probably getting really tiring and hard on their part. Fans didn’t seem to understand it at the time. I was also kind of mad by the wait but I think we can all agree that it was worth the wait.

I know this is only part one of part three but so far I’m loving it, the other half is getting released in the fall and that’s when the show will officially be over. I’m excited and sad to see this show finally come to an end but the journey I had with it was awesome. 

“Attack on Titan:”  ★★★★★