Urban Wok is the new talk of the town

New restaurant offers gluten free and vegan options


Crystal Diaz

Food is served in a cup on minimalistic and modern table. Urban Work recently opened at the West End.

Crystal Diaz

I spent a tasty twenty dollars at Urban Wok near the west End. Getting there was a struggle as it was  quite a hidden restaurant. Once we got there though, everything went smoothly. I immediately noticed how modern the place was. It was designed a little too minimalistic, which made it boring. There was a constant theme of black, white and wood, although I did enjoy the high ceilings along with the big windows. It opened up the space and made the restaurant look bigger. I went to look at the menu and it was very straight-forward. You could only order electronically, so I ordered. As soon as I got to the monitor to order, a very friendly employee offered assistance. He was very helpful, and I’m appreciative of how quick staff were to help customers. 

I ordered it electronically, so unfortunately they don’t take cash. I ordered fried rice, chicken and broccoli along with mild hot sauce. I was disappointed by their options of vegetables. There wasn’t a variety. Their sauce selection was very interesting there. I’m very glad I chose to add a sauce because the broccoli was very stale, and the sauce added much needed flavor. I did enjoy it and would get it again. I am not gluten free or vegan but I did notice that almost everything is gluten-free and vegan. \

Waiting time was minimal. While I was eating, I took a look around the restaurant and noticed a counter with free refreshing water, along with plants to keep the place looking alive. I did enjoy  5326 W 16th St, St Louis Park, MN 55416the music that was playing, as it kept an upbeat vibe. Something I did appreciate was outlets conveniently placed at almost every table. The seating arrangement was very organized and clean. I appreciated the structure of it.

When I was on my way out, I noticed there was a mural and a really creative piece of art that interested me. I like that little touch of color in the very minimal and modern restaurant 

I will be returning, as I did enjoy the food and I will be recommending it to friends. 5326 W 16th St, St Louis Park, MN 55416 is the location.