‘thank u, next’ music video cultivates creativity

Ariana Grande’s latest music video sets new standards


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Maddie Schutte

Ariana Grande’s latest music video for her hit single “thank u, next” highlights her creativity and innovation as an artist as well as sending an empowering message.  

Following the end of her highly publicized relationship with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, Grande dropped “thank u, next,” which flew straight to the top of the charts. It was no surprise seeing the “thank u, next” music video was the number one trending video on YouTube after her last two videos “God is a woman” and “no tears left to cry” also gained immediate popularity.

The music video imitates four iconic romantic comedies including “Legally Blonde,” “Mean Girls,” “13 Going on 30” and “Bring It On.” Recognizable scenes from each movie were seamlessly incorporated without missing any important details. Grande’s audience typically being teens and young adults make the theme perfect because most of her audience grew up watching this handful of movies.

Rather than creating a diss track about her breakup, Grande’s lyrics instead thank her exes for what they taught her. Inside her burn book as a reference to “Mean Girls,” she wrote compliments about her former boyfriends rather than attacking them, the opposite of the route many celebrities choose to take. This shows Grande’s maturity and respect for the privacy of her exes and may empower others to take the same path.

Not only did Grande portray scenes from each movie spot on, but she also included some of her co-stars from her former TV show “Victorious,” as well as some of her closest friends and even one of her dogs. I was excited about what celebrity might pop up next throughout the video. Grande went as far as bringing original cast members from the movies she was recreating to make the music video as close to the original as possible.

Grande also dropped some hints toward her new music throughout the video. In one scene she wore a shirt saying “just a little bit needy,” and later is seen driving in a car with the license plate saying “7 rings.” Both phrases are believed to hint at future music, which gives any avid followers of Grande another exciting layer.

The “thank u, next” music video is something I’ve never seen before and is now something I want to watch on repeat. The impeccable attention to detail exhibits Grande’s ability as a young artist and makes way for a bright future in her music career.