Post Malone shines during ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’ tour

Concert transcends album


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Izzy Kanne

Post Malone’s third studio album “Hollywood’s Bleeding” was released Sept. 6 with a total of 17 songs. 

The album leans more on the melancholic side, with “Hollywood’s Bleeding,” “A Thousand Bad Times,” “On The Road” and his single “Goodbyes” all mix upbeat melodies with themes of loneliness. “Saint Tropez” and “Wow” stand out as the only flashy songs on the album. 

Overall, the album is a beautiful compilation of anger and pain, with an occasional pump-up tune. There are times when the depth of Malone’s lyrics fly over my head because of the vivid energy they give off. 

Malone’s live performance was more of a medley of his musical history, including songs from all three of his albums. Choosing to combine his years of music showed growth not typically seen when you sit down and listen to his music. 

Malone performs his songs with powerful emotion, making the audience feel exactly what he sings, whether it be elation or heartbreak. The energy on stage was extremely powerful, you couldn’t look away.

The visual aspects of his set weren’t anything shocking aside from occasional strobe lights or fireworks. His set was simple and focused on the music and vocals, which were strong. Most artists perform with back up vocals playing, but Malone kept his minimal, if he used them at all. This choice showed off his range and raw vocal talent. 

Not only was the concert engaging and impressive, but heartwarming. Malone thanked the audience after almost every song, explaining how grateful he was for his fans. While performing his hit single “Sunflower” his opening act, Swae Lee, brought out sunflowers to give the audience while they sang together. Before leaving, Malone encouraged his audience to continue pursuing their dreams before his final song “Congratulations,” which holds a similar message.

Ultimately, Post Malone’s third album was filled with a range of emotional and catchy songs, but his live performance was unmatched.


“Hollywood’s Bleeding”: ★★★★★