Camila Cabello releases new album

‘Romance’ doesn’t live up to expectations

Tamar Gewirtz

Although many fans are raving about Camila Cabello’s new album ‘Romance,’ I was not personally impressed by the music.

Fair use from Epic Records and Syco Music.

The songs, specifically “My Oh My,” were catchy and pleasant to listen to at first, but ultimately sounded like every other pop song being released right now. It has a strikingly similar resemblance to Taylor Swift’s album ‘Lover,’ which I am also not a huge fan of. 

Cabello has an incredible voice, reaching several octaves, though only her higher range is portrayed through the songs. The songs are repetitive and get pretty irritating after the first minute. Moreover, all the songs are too similar to each other. 

An admittedly good song is “This Love,” which strays from the theme of the rest of the album and is closer to an R&B/Soul feel. 

The message behind the songs are also unique to Cabello and prove to be a meaningful addition to the album. The last song, “First Man,” is about her relationship with her father and her new romantic relationship with Shawn Mendes.

As she sings in “First Man” in reference to her father: “You don’t even know how much it means to me now, that you were the first man that really loved me.” Though the messages are touching and the emotions come through strongly, the overall album does not impress.

The music videos portray the songs well and are captivating, but strange at the same time. The album simply doesn’t live up to her previous songs, such as “Havana.”

Overall, despite all the attention her new songs seem to be receiving, “Romance” does not feature the good qualities I look for in my music, and does not really satisfy.