‘Rare’ shows new side of Selena Gomez

Third solo album expresses confidence, love


Fair use from Interscope Records: Cover album for “Rare” by Selena Gomez.

Sadie Yarosh

Selena Gomez’s newest album “Rare” released Jan. 10 is an upbeat, joyful album that will make you want to get out of your seat and dance. 

Five years since her last album, Gomez comes back a new person. There have been many obstacles she has had to overcome including heartbreak, depression and surgeries. She found a way to escape that dark feeling, which has contributed to the themes prevalent in this album: confidence and self-love. 

The opening song “Rare” talks about how there is no need for someone in your life who doesn’t appreciate your true self. Each individual is unique and has the freedom to express themselves in any way possible. Gomez does a great job addressing her own opinion and is not afraid of what others think. The beats used are catchy and very positive, which completes the song.

“Dance Again” is an optimistic, cheerful song that expresses self-confidence. Gomez sings about not letting negativity bring her down, but rather using it as motivation to become even better. She lets go of all that she has struggled with and begins to find happiness once again. Gomez describes a freedom she received once she gained back confidence.

A few songs later, the fourth track, “Lose You to Love Me” is an emotional reflection of her life and all the hardships she had to endure. Gomez shocked all her fans by releasing this song as a single about a year before “Rare” was released. Gomez incorporated a piano rather than electric beats which shows this is a more serious song. She used powerful lyrics throughout the song to depict a time where she struggled and was hopeless. She then overcame that darkness and shows listeners that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The album wraps up with the final track, “A Sweeter Place” (ft. Kid Cudi). These two artists describe a euphorian place where all the stress from reality disappears. Its unique, electric beat throughout the song adds to the storyline, displaying the desire to feel joy in a better place than where they are now. Both Gomez and Cudi struggled with depression, so the meaning of this song is deeper to them than anyone could understand. 

Overall, this album is very uplifting and its beats bring listeners into the songs. Gomez spent five years making this album and it truly paid off. You can tell each lyric has a personal meaning and was well thought out. Gomez beautifully displayed the message that although times can be tough, there is always a way to find happiness again. “Rare” is unlike anything Gomez had produced in the past and is a great new album to listen to in this new decade.

“Rare”: ★★★★☆