Caribou’s BOUsted drinks disappoint

New line lacks basic flavor needs


Maddie Schutte

Caribou released its line of “BOUsted” drinks for the spring period. They include the Sparkling Water BOUst, Craft Soda BOust, and the Fruit Juice BOUst which comes still, sparkling or blended. All drinks include caffein extracted from coffee as well as Guarana and Ginseng which are natural caffeine supplements.

Maddie Schutte

Caribou’s new line of “BOUsted” drinks instantly caught my eye, being the caffeine addict that I am. Upon closer tasting, I realized the pretty aesthetics and mouth-watering names of the drinks only went as far as my imagination and ended up tasting like LaCroix waters. 

Maddie Schutte
Pictured is the Wild Berry Sparkling Water BOUst. The Sparkling Water BOUst also comes in the flavor grapefruit.

“Wild Berry Sparkling Water BOUst:” ☆☆☆☆☆

The Wild Berry Sparkling Water was by far the worst drink of the mix. The overwhelming carbonation took away from the flavor of the drink, which wasn’t prominent to begin with. I expected a fun and fruity flavor from wild berry, but instead got a sour taste. This sour presence paired with the abrupt carbonation left me all but refreshed. Caribou should’ve had a sweeter wild berry flavor, as the carbonation of the water is bound to make the drink less sweet. This beverage also comes in the flavor “grapefruit,” which I can only imagine to be even more sour than the wild berry flavor I was able to try. I cannot recommend this drink to anyone. If you are looking for a caffeine source but dislike the coffee taste, you are better off with a still or sparkling tea, or maybe even another one of the BOUsted drinks. 


Maddie Schutte
Pictured is the Spicy Pineapple Craft Soda BOUst. The Craft Soda BOUst ofer the flavors rockmelon, cantaloupe and stone fruit as well.

“Spicy Pineapple Craft Soda BOUst:” ★★★☆☆

The Craft Soda drink had a very similar feeling to the Sparkling Water, the only apparent difference in quality to me being the literal color of the drink. However, the spicy pineapple flavor was beyond intriguing. At first taste, you are hit with the sweetness of a pineapple, but as you swallow, your throat is covered in spiciness. I can’t say this flavor was necessarily tasty, but you can’t help but continue to drink it. The flavor was rather confusing and before I knew it I had consumed half of the drink. The sweet and spice of this drink don’t blend, but instead hit you one after the other, which makes for a very interesting experience. This is no on-the-go drink. If I were to order this again, and the chances are high, I would have to sit down and think only about the flavor I am consuming. It consumes your mind as well as your tastebuds. 

Maddie Schutte
Pictured is the Passion Fruit Juice BOUst. The drink also includes dragon fruit, strawberry mango and blackberry lemonade.


“Passion Fruit Juice BOUst:” ★☆☆☆☆

The Passion Fruit Juice BOUst disappointed me like the Sparkling Water. The Fruit Juice, Craft Soda, and Sparkling Water all tasted like the same beverage to me. Though I tried only one flavor of each kind, they could’ve easily fallen under the same category and I wouldn’t have questioned it. Passion fruit should be an overwhelming flavor that coats your tastebuds, but once again it lacked the proper amount of flavoring. I was more focused on searching for the flavor in each sip rather than actually enjoying the drink.


Maddie Schutte
Pictured is the Blended strawberry Mango Juice BOUst. The Juice BOUst can either be ordered still sparking or blended.

“Blended Strawberry Mango Juice BOUst:” ★★★★☆

The Blended Juice BOUst was without a doubt the tastiest and most refreshing drink of the bunch. The strawberry and mango of this drink blended perfectly, unlike the spicy pineapple flavor in the craft soda. This drink didn’t have the thick texture of a smoothie, but rather the light, smooth texture of a movie theatre ICEE. This drink would be perfect for a hot summer day when you need a hit of caffeine and something light to cool down your body. It’s a much more delicate alternative to an iced coffee. Flavor should be a guarantee when you order a fruity beverage, and this drink was the only one of this line that met that basic requirement. This beverage was nothing special, but was decently refreshing.