‘Making the Cut’ lacks competitiveness

Show holds independence from ‘Project Runway’

Fair use from Netflix. Co-hosts of Amazons new show Making the Cut Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum laugh in the designers workshop. Making the Cut came out on Amazon Prime Video March 27.

Fair use from Netflix. Co-hosts of Amazon’s new show “Making the Cut” Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum laugh in the designer’s workshop. “Making the Cut” came out on Amazon Prime Video March 27.

Molly Schochet

Being a fan of “Project Runway,” my expectations for Heidi Klum and Timm Gunn’s next design show, “Making the Cut,” were high, but I was afraid the show would feel like a bad reboot.

After watching the first couple episodes, I was surprised at how well done it was and how much it felt like its own show, not just “Project Runway” 2.0. Although there were some large differences from “Project Runway” that I liked, there were definitely some pieces I wish had been carried over to “Making the Cut”.

One of the things I have really liked about “Making the Cut” was the wide range of designers. In the show, there are designers from not only the U.S., but from all over the world, including Israel, Belgium and Italy. I enjoyed watching the designers from outside the United States and seeing how their perspective on fashion is different from what I am used to with American designers, and how unique each style was.

However, the main thing that disappointed me about the show has been the lack of competition. It feels more like each person is competing against themselves rather than against everyone else, which changes the vibe of the show. The fast-paced competition of “Project Runway” would always make me want to drop everything and become a designer, but “Making the Cut” does not. The lack of competitiveness also makes it hard for me to be drawn into the show. While I enjoyed each episode individually, I never felt an urge to go watch the next episode immediately.

Throughout the show, the designers, along with hosts Klum and Gunn, travel around the world to gain influence from all different cultures. During each episode, the hosts go out and explore the city while the designers work. I highly enjoyed these short segments within the show, as they gave me a break from the rest of the show and allowed me to spend more time with Klum and Gunn, whose personalities I love.

Overall “Making the Cut” is a fun show and I was impressed at how well it was able to be independent and not turn into “Project Runway.” I enjoyed the diversity in designers and the relationship between Klum and Gunn, but wish the show felt more competitive.

“Making the Cut”: ★★★☆☆