‘Outer Banks’ is the next series to binge on Netflix

Filled with mystery, drama


Fair use from Netflix. Kiara (Madison Bailey), Pope (Jonathan Daviss), John B (Chase Stokes) and JJ (Rudy Pankow) are hiding behind planks of wood because the cops are after John B. “Outer Banks” recently aired on Netflix April 15 with 10 episodes.

Anna Benishek

When the new series “Outer Banks” premiered on Netflix, I scrolled past it not really giving it a second thought, until my friends strongly suggested watching the series. After binging all of it in one day, I completely fell in love with the show. 

Season one of “Outer Banks” is centered around John B (Chase Stokes) living in the Outer Banks area of North Carolina where he leads a group of underprivileged misfits called Pogues. After John B’s father mysteriously vanishes, he finds clues of where the Pogues can find the treasure his father was looking for when he disappeared. John B’s friends JJ (Rudy Pankow), Kiara (Madison Bailey) and Pope (Johnathan Daviss) help him on his journey of finding the $400 million treasure. However, they’re not the only ones hunting for the money. On the other side of the Outer Banks are the Kooks, a group who lives a rich and luxurious life, which is where Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) lives. Her father Ward Cameron (Charles Esten) desperately wants to discover the treasure alongside Sarah’s boyfriend Topper (Austin North) and her brother Rafe Cameron (Drew Starkey).

Overall, the series did a fantastic job with the storyline because it feels different from most of the TV series teenagers watch today. “Outer Banks” is filled with mystery that kept me second guessing if the money was actually real and if they would ever find it. There was also action and adventure which made me anxiously wait on the edge of my seat throughout the series. When watching the series, I never knew what was coming next — it always kept me on my feet. 

“Outer Banks” aired with 10 episodes for the first season, which I thought was enough episodes to get the storyline across. I really enjoyed the cast because I haven’t seen most of the main actors in any other major movies or TV shows. When TV shows cast new people in the industry it’s refreshing and a nice change of the same talent. 

The development of the characters throughout the show really impressed me because when I’m watching shows or movies I don’t really pay attention to that aspect of the cinematography. By the last episode, I understood how each character grew within the first season. The characters start to become distant from each other throughout the series but their growth as people towards the end help them come closer as friends.  

In the end, the general concept of teenagers going on a fun summer adventure to find treasure was an amazing plot, as it gets me excited for the upcoming summer.

“Outer Banks”: ★★★★☆