‘Dissimulation’ shows potential

YouTuber displays flexibility

Fair use from RBC Records.

Fair use from RBC Records.

Tenzin Gyaldatsang

When I first heard that KSI would be dropping an album, I was surprised. My only knowledge of him was that he is a YouTuber, but when I listened to his new album “Dissimulation,” I knew he was more than that.

Having many famous artists like Lil Pump and Offset featured helped enhance the overall quality of the album. Tracks like “Cap” and “Down Like That” have a really good rhythm and beat. The chorus lines up with the tempo neatly as well.

“Wake Up Call,” featuring Trippie Redd has a nice flow and has an upbeat vibe. Redd’s chorus compliments the low-pitched rapping of KSI. Most of the tracks were clean and smooth through the changes in tempo, which is something KSI switched up from his previous singles released.

KSI’s large fanbase on YouTube certainly aided in the amount of views and ratings the album produced, but even from a non-fan’s viewpoint, the hype surrounding him is deserved. Compared to his adversaries, the Paul brothers, KSI’s album is more professional, and isn’t just a run-of-the-mill YouTube rapper.

I believe that creating this album was a great way for KSI to disassociate himself with the other YouTubers who picked up rapping like RiceGum and WolfieRaps. It’s important to do so, as many YouTubers get branded as a “YouTube rapper.” KSI has the fanbase and the talent to easily make a switch from YouTube to solely producing music.

“Dissimulation” is overall a great album, and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of KSI, or likes to listen to rap.

“Dissimulation”: ★★★★☆