‘You’ season three captures attention

more creative, shocking with each new episode


Fair Use from Netflix

Grace Stillman

“You,” the exciting Netflix psychological thriller series, has been surprising and intriguing viewers for two seasons. However, the most surprising part is that the newly released third season maintains this ability to fascinate and entertain audiences without becoming cliche or played out.

The current three seasons have each been loosely based on a trilogy of novels by author Caroline Kepnes; this season of course was on the final installment of the series, although a fourth book may be in the works. 

The final episode of season two left me thinking, “oh no, here we go again,” after Joe Goldberg seemingly finds yet another new focus for his obsessive nature, minutes before the season ends. Before starting season three, I was worried that it would be the same overdone story as the last two seasons, but after watching the first episode, I knew I was wrong.

This season touches on different topics than before. It explores the complicated nature of relationships, especially difficult ones like Joe and Love’s, and the struggle between nurture vs. nature. The show does all this while still maintaining the important and oddly charming themes from the previous seasons, such as Joe’s uniquely charismatic style of narration and pension for getting into risky situations.

However, there are factors of the show’s previous season we could’ve done without. In this season, one of the running themes is that Joe wants to change and we want him to change too. If not to see some character development, then at least to get rid of these boring, safe and very overplayed storylines that rely on jealousy to move the story forward. Sadly, I don’t think we’ll ever see the day when the writers will allow that.

With a creative twist in every episode, “You” continues to leave viewers wanting more and thankfully fans don’t have to worry as the show has already confirmed to return for season four.

“You”: ★★★★☆