Stillwater Ice Palace Maze makes for an entertaining activity

Winter attraction pulls through despite drawbacks


Zoe Ziessman

Stillwater Ice Palace Maze at The Zephyr Theatre. Maze opened Feb. 20 and closed Feb. 27.

Abby Bartleson

When I first pulled up to the Ice Palace Maze, I was greeted with bright, colorful lights and the smell of campfires. The Ice Palace Maze located in Stillwater at The Zephyr Theatre which consists of an ice maze, an ice slide and fire pits to warm up. 

Setting foot in the theater was a great way to start off the night. I was welcomed by polite employees who got everyone checked in fast and efficiently. There was also a place to purchase s’mores ingredients to make outside. 

One disadvantage about this attraction was the price of tickets, which were $20 online and $22 at the gate. The maze was underwhelming for the price we paid for them. The half-mile maze felt short-lived, although the lights made the experience engaging and eye-catching. 

The ice palace itself was very impressive, built with over 800,000 pounds of ice. LED lights were intertwined in the ice, lighting up the maze as I went through. Intricate ice sculptures were featured throughout the maze, which were very notable.

The majority of my time at the ice palace was spent wandering through the maze and meeting my favorite ice characters like Olaf, Anna and Elsa. Although aimed at a younger audience, it was still enjoyable and the actors did a great job entertaining the audience by encouraging visitors to go down the slide with them. 

After exiting the maze, I went down the ice slide, which was the best part of the attraction and got to enjoy some hot cocoa. The fire pits were a great addition to the attraction because visitors get the opportunity to sit and enjoy some hot cocoa. 

Overall, I really enjoyed visiting the Ice Palace Maze and slide. Even though the targeted audience is younger kids and families and the price of tickets were costly, it makes for a fun winter activity, especially if you can bring along a younger sibling or family member. 

Stillwater Ice Palace Maze: ★★★☆☆