Andy Grammer exudes joy

New album filled with happiness and positivity.


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Serena Bovee

Andy Grammer released his newest album June 3. . His music is generally positive, and this album is no different. The new album, “The Art of Joy,” works to encourage positive thoughts.

 All songs, generally, with a few exceptions stay in the major key to show this positivity through more than words and also through the identity of the music.

The first song “Saved my Life” talks about getting support from others and how useful and needed it is. Many people need support from others. This song is drowning in that idea and it slows down to keep a calm tone. 

The second song “Lease on life” expands on the idea of the first song by keeping the supporting others idea and that people have inherent worth. The first and second song tie together perfectly as they express not only the same ideas, but in a concise and precise way.

“Love Myself” is more leaning towards this idea as the song is an internal dialogue with Grammer. It has the quote “I want to love myself without needing someone else to say it to me.” This starting line sets the mood of the song appropriately as it builds up. The song also talks about the way he feels negatively and attempts to solve it by saying ‘I love you,’ to himself.

The song “Joy,” is more direct towards Grammer’s experiences with emotions and how he “found joy in his life.” When Grammer talks about negative emotions the music quiets down and changes to a minor key to symbolize the emotion in the key. 

The final song “Damn it Feels Good to Be Me” in the album is a powerful one as it talks about outward appearance and how your thoughts can affect your mood. The primary idea is to work not towards pleasing everyone, but obtain what you can and do with what you can.

The album is overtly positive and it just breathes it. The genre is a lighter hip hop with a preference for the piano. Melodically, the major key stands out and overall the melodies are light, slow, and calming. It talks about needing the support of not only others, but also yourself. The first song talks about support from others, but as the album goes on it switches to supporting yourself and loving yourself. Another idea is new beginnings and working towards understanding that things won’t always be good. 

“The Art of Joy”:★★★★☆