Song Tea Boba adds to West End

Wide range of food and drink options.


Serena Bovee

The jasmine milk tea from Song Tea and Poke. The drink has a bland, but enjoyable taste that fits the vibe of the cafe

Serena Bovee

Song Tea Boba opened in Saint Louis Park. They serve a variety of drinks, from slushies all the way to cheese tea. Alongside the beverages they also serve poke bowls to satisfy their customers hunger. The location of the shop is at West End Boulevard, only a 10 minute drive from the high school.. 

Before I went to the shop to try the food, I looked for their website to find food and drink that would be worth trying for the first time. The website does what it needs to do, showing the food they serve, when they are open and how to contact the store. This is all fine, however some parts of the website are misleading. One such example is that the menu isn’t actually on the website and is instead a downloadable PDF . It looks like the menu is on its home page, but those are just images of the drinks and food. Ultimately, the menu does what it sets out to do, but it could be improved.

The shop’s ambience was very chill. It had light pop and lofi music playing in the background, making the atmosphere of the place light and relaxing. Alongside this, they used monotone colors black and white for a color theme. These colors add to the calm atmosphere. This shop is more relaxing than usual and if that is what you are looking for, this place is perfect.

They serve six types of drinks, each with a variety of flavors. For slushies alone, there are 14 flavors. Not only is the menu large, but it also contains details on whether the drink contains dairy or caffeine, which is  quite wonderful. They also have a bountiful topping list, with eight having aloe vera and lychee jelly. The customization of the drinks just keeps going with the customer being able to change the amount of sugar and ice. This variety for the drinks allows the customer to try till they find their favorite.

The drink was the best part of my time at the shop. For the drink, I had the four season cheese tea with lychee jelly as the topping. The taste from the drink was most certainly superb. The flavor didn’t quite explode in your mouth all at once, instead the taste slowly improved as you drank it. My only complaint is that the cheese at the top was aggressively sweet and too much for me. If you are a fan of sweet things, then I heavily recommend this for you. 

The menu is most certainly more restricted than the drinks, but it still has plenty of variety. You are able to set up your own bowl and there are five preset bowls. Like the drinks, however, each thing on the menu is marked on whether or not it is vegan, gluten free or contains raw food. The fact that the menu has these options is great, as it allows people who have these food restrictions to eat without the risk of being harmed by what they eat.

For food, I ordered their signature dish. It was a poke bowl with three types of raw fish, tomatoes, corn and other various ingredients. It tasted absolutely splendid with all the flavors culminating together into a cohesive piece of food. I do not enjoy the taste of tomatoes, but they worked well enough with the rest of the dish that it positively affected the taste of the meal. I loved the taste of the food and I recommend it for those who eat raw fish.

The price of the place is very key to whether or not someone will return for more food later. The drinks can be fairly expensive, generally landing in the five dollar range, however some of them cost more than seven dollars. The food can also be a bit much with a large poke bowl being almost 16 dollars. When it comes down to it, you get what you pay for, so if you do enjoy the food then it can most certainly be worth it.

Even though the food was relatively expensive, it still satisfied my hunger. I would head out there again, as the food was pretty great with a variety of flavors. The main strength of Song Tea Bona is their drinks and the flavor that comes with them. The food supported the drinks as it should. Both of them can stand alone in taste, but together they are absolutely wonderful and better.