Family feuding in Spanish club

Spanish club introduces competitive fun


Abby Keller

Juniors Estrella Ochoa and Aaron Casey-Fix write answers while playing a Mexican version of Family Feud Feb. 16. Spanish club meets once a month. Their next meeting is March 23.

Ena Mekic and Taylor Voigt

At this month’s Spanish club meeting, the group played the Mexican version of Family Feud Feb. 16. Students paired up into teams and answered questions related to Mexican culture. 

Junior club member Jake Ignatowicz said he enjoyed playing the game because he had fun while learning new things. 

“The game was competitive but that’s what made it fun,” Ignatowicz said. “It’s cool to learn things about the culture that you may not have known before.”

According to the club’s advisor Hanna Anderson, the game was a good way for students to connect with the language and culture.

“It forces them to try to think from a different perspective than what they’re used to,” Anderson said. “They have to try and put themselves in someone else’s shoes in order to answer the questions.”

Student leader Keira Trill said she was pleased to see engagement and enthusiasm from club members towards learning about the culture. 

“It was great to see all the teams get excited about the questions,” Trill said. “Everyone participated, argued and gathered their information about Spanish culture together in order to answer the questions.” 

Anderson said that students didn’t have to be fluent in Spanish to participate and excel in this game.

“Students were able to play whether they went to immersion or not,” Anderson said. “There are some words that are in the back of their mind that they’ve learned at some point, but they don’t use them in their everyday language.” 

Ignatowicz said that even though he is an immersion student, this meeting gave him more opportunities that his regular Spanish classes haven’t.

“I’ve been learning the language for my whole life and it’s nice to learn certain specific words that you may not use in everyday language,” Ignatowicz said.

Anderson said that the continuity of students coming to club meetings is what has led to its success and kept students coming back. 

“We’ve been able to see what works and what the students have enjoyed doing in the club, and we’ve agreed on themes for each monthly meeting,” Anderson said. “Because of this, the club is a lot more organized this year.”

The next Spanish club meeting will be after school on March 23 in room B228.