Film club leaders prepare for first meeting

New leadership positions improve club’s organization

Lauren VonEschen

Senior Miles Sandbo said his excitement level continues to grow as the recently formed film club inches closer to its first group meeting of the year.

“People always bring their own perspectives to a movie and they can show you something unique about a film that you would’ve missed. That’s what excites me most about film club getting started,” Sandbo said.Untitled Infographic

The leaders of the club met Sept. 24 to discuss the importance of their individual roles, according to Sandbo.

Sandbo said at the meeting, the leaders decided to divide up their responsibilities for the year, which is something new.

“The meeting was all about figuring out specific jobs for each leader,” Sandbo said. “Two of us are going to focus on communication with the administration, two of us on planning lessons for group meetings and the other two are overall coordinators.”

Although the leadership meeting did not come to any conclusions about a start date, Sandbo said it helped the leaders come up with fresh ideas for the club.

“We decided that the members of the group, instead of the leaders, will be voting on a category of the movie they want to watch,” Sandbo said. “Then the leaders will choose the movie itself from this category, which is different from last year.”

Junior Megan Aune said she awaits to start a new year with the club and its accepting, inclusive atmosphere.

“It’s a really open place, and everyone’s ideas are heard,” Aune said. “Things you have to say really matter, and it’s just a great place to be to discuss and watch movies with your friends.”

As Aune prepares for the first club meeting, she said there are attendance issues and club rules she hopes to see differently this year.

“I’d also love to see higher attendance with more people continually coming to the meetings,” Aune said. “As well, it’d be great to watch R-rated movies, because I know last year we weren’t able to, but a lot of great films are rated R.”

The film club hopes to have their first meeting by the beginning of November, according to Aune. The club is currently looking for an adviser.