Students use Instagram to share fashion

SLP Street Wear an outlet for expression


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SLP Streetwear Club meets in the morning to talk about fashion street wear May 3. SLP Streetwear Club has meetings every Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Adin Zweigbaum

Sophomore Evan Koronaios said that “SLP Street Wear” is a great way for students to spread an assortment of ideas.

“We all have different diversity and fashion, we all dress differently and want to show the world how we do,” said Koronaios.

Senior Wyatt Gann said he created the Instagram as a way to release his and others’ clothing ideas and inspiration to the public.

“We wanted an avenue through which we could express and share ideas and inspiration,” Gann said. “Somewhere where we could show and present things we came up with in the club to the public.”

According to sophomore Daniel Goldenberg, the page is a nice way for students to express themselves.

“It seems pretty cool. It is a page where some students can share their style with other students,” Goldenberg said.

Gann said he joined together with friends and other enthusiasts to find inspiration for their Instagram page and their club.

“We just got together and learned from each other, bounced ideas off each other and gained inspiration,” Gann said.

Goldenberg said he values the opportunity the account has provided for a number of the people who are a part of the page.

“There’s a lot of different people involved,” Goldenberg said. “That’s good because there seem to be lots of different outfitspeople can share.”

According to Gann, the majority of his inspiration comes from other people and other accounts.

“I get a lot of my inspiration from Instagram, from stylists and just overall accounts that share and present things,” Gann said.

Freshman Alex Hoy said the Instagram is used to share fashion and creativity.

“Me and a couple of friends went to this old abandoned mill and we took a few pictures there. (We) wanted to post them on Instagram to help show each others styles on (our) Instagram,” said Hoy.

According to Gann, he and others use the page to express themselves and to share their ideas.

“We just wanted an outlet through which you could show people what you are thinking,” Gann said. “Things we’ve learned and even things we’ve made like outfits we’ve put together and what not.”