Busing offered to students for volleyball State match

Student Council orchestrates outreach, Administration coordinates transportation


Ava Ashby

Junior Kendall Coley hits the ball over the net during the Sections Finals Nov. 2. The State matches will be played as a double elimination Nov. 7 and Nov. 8.

Gabriel Kaplan and Noah Orloff

When freshman Clare Miller found out busing would be available for Park volleyball’s upcoming State matches, she said she was joyful because of the convenience it would offer. 

“I think it might make people feel better knowing they’re going to be able to get home alright and there’s no chaos,” Miller said. 

Student Council co-president and senior Anna Nicholls said the volleyball team will be playing at State both Nov. 7 and Nov. 8.

“Thursday the girls’ volleyball team is playing 9 a.m. at the Xcel (Energy Center), so that’s super exciting,” Nicholls said. “I don’t think it matters if they win or not on Thursday, but there is for sure a game Friday.”

Junior Jack Fredrickson said busing students gives underclassmen a chance to attend the volleyball matches without needing parents to leave their occupation. 

“It is kind of a rare opportunity because our sports here aren’t amazing compared to other schools and it’s probably not likely that we’re going to State in another sport during my high school career,” Fredrickson said. 

Senior and Student Council co-president Anna Wert said the school is supportive of students who wish to attend the event, and she recommends students attend the matches.

“I’ve talked to a lot of teachers and seen their encouragement toward building a strong community and supporting one another,” Wert said. “Taking the step to support your community is a really big thing and is a learning (experience) within itself.”

Nicholls said there will be a pep fest in the morning Nov. 6 to raise awareness for the game.

“Wednesday we are planning a pep fest. We had a meeting this morning and we were planning what we were doing with the volleyball team and the outline of the pep fest,” Nicholls said. “(We moved) the pep fest between third and fourth hour for higher attendance. We’ve been trying to do that for a long time and then finally we got it approved.”

Wert said Student Council is focusing on outreach while the school administration is coordinating busing.

“(Student Council) is helping promote the game because we wanted to make it inclusive for those who can’t drive or didn’t want to pay for parking,” Wert said. “Personally, I think posting on social media is important. We have a Student Council page and a senior class page that reaches a lot of people, but also (are) posting on our own personal accounts.”

According to a special edition 6425 News email to Park families, tickets can be purchased at the Athletic Office prior to 8 a.m. and throughout lunch periods Nov. 6.