Strong community within a classroom driven by success

NTA helps students in reaching goals


Neb Bekele

NTA helps students succeed in school by building a strong community. It prepares students get ready for the next chapter of their lives.

Tennam Gyaldatsang and Neb Bekele

According to the leader of Non-Traditional Academy Chris Weaver, students who wouldn’t have exceeded to their full potential in a normal classroom setting seem to be doing well and are on track to graduate.

“It’s good to know that a small percentage of kids who probably would not have graduated can now say they can graduate and move on with life,”  Weaver said.

Senior Elliott Rickert said Non-Traditional Academy (NTA) has made him a better student and his learning experience more enjoyable.

“I love NTA, it has helped me so much with school, it is such a positive environment,” Rickert said. “I get to have one on ones with the teachers if I ever need help with school or if I have questions in general.”

Weaver said teachers get to interact on a deeper level with their students whereas in regular class room settings that isn’t always the case.

“We do a lot of personal discussions and think more personally about the students because the classes are blocked together and they are in the same space for four hours,” Weaver said. “It also helps to build a sense of community for these students instead of having to bounce around classes and switch everything up.”

Senior Jordan Wilson said he is thankful for the resources and community NTA has given him. 

“We all work well together and we always have the same teachers and they make you feel like they care about you,” Wilson said. “NTA has made me more motivated to work in school and my grades are better than they used to be.” 

Rickert said NTA has allowed him to face real life obstacles and learn how to succeed from them.

“NTA gives you an after high school experience,” Rickert said. “It shows you what the real world is going to be like and if you’re struggling with life at the moment, they motivate to keep pushing.”

Wilson said NTA is preparing him in the next chapter of his education by providing him guidance.

“We have gone on a couple of college tours as a class, and we often talk about college and everything we need to be ready for what comes next,” Wilson said.