ACE prepares for March presentation

Club divides into subgroups to maximize use of time


Noah Orloff

Freshman Isaac Cantor speaks with senior Ethan Meisler during the ACE meeting Jan. 30. ACE will present at the University of Minnesota March 5.

Gabriel Kaplan and Noah Orloff

After only a few months in Architecture Construction and Engineering, freshman Isaac Cantor said the club allows him to feel as if he is a part of the group because they allocate parts of their work to small groups. 

“It’s a team process,” Cantor said. “We go in little groups of two and three to work on different parts of it.”

According to advisor Dan Klobucar, the Architecture Construction and Engineering (ACE) club has diligently been working on their construction project for the past few months, however, they now have a buildup of work after taking a hiatus over finals.

The prompt for this year is a gastronomic center which is a place where chefs can come to combine food and culture.

— Ethan Meisler

“We’re probably a little behind where we want to be but if we work pretty hard, we can get it done,” Klobucar said. 

Senior Ethan Meisler, one of the club’s few upperclassmen, said the club is currently working on completing their gastronomic center — a home of culture and cuisine — in preparation for competition.

“The prompt for this year is a gastronomic center which is a place where chefs can come to combine food and culture,” Meisler said. “It’s pretty vague so the only places we could find to get inspiration from were other architectural challenges so we can basically take it anywhere we want.”

The way in which ACE presents their work at the competition in March is also significant, according to Klobucar. 

“I’d like to have a very complete presentation,” Klobucar said. “How we do as a score isn’t as important if everyone gets involved. I guess I’d really just like to have everyone that speaks be very confident and do a good job because that is something you’ll have to do later in life.”

Meisler said the group is hustling to make progress on their project in preparation for competitions March 5.

“Some people are working on design, some on sketching, some will be on the computers, some working on researching the site, some working on the slideshow and presentation,” Meisler said. “We do a lot of different stuff and having the seniors lead helps.“

ACE will meet next Feb. 6.